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This great smelling eucalyptus and fig fragrance is exotic and mysterious while maintaining just the right mix the fresh, penetrating scent Eucalyptus and the ripeness and zest fragrance of a freshly picked Tuscany figs. Fig leaves exhale an exquisite and beneficent vapor reminiscent of a time long past. Therapeutic value: Eucalyptus Essential Oil can be useful in treating many common health ailments. Most commonly used in relieving flu and cold-like symptoms, congestion problems, migraines, supports the respiratory system, soothes after exercise.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus globulus oil blends and premium fragrance oil, food grade color, 100% pure cotton wick, food quality- kosher soy wax. Biodegradable and earth friendly ingredients.

100% recyclable containers

Candle Sizes


Fresh, crisp ozone blend with amber notes to perfectly evoke a tranquil lakeside abode.


Freshly squeezed  Gold Country mandarins - a rich, fruity citrus scent that lifts the spirit!

Mountain Lake Set Pine Forest Set Mountain Mandarin Set


Fill your surroundings with just cut forest fragrance that evokes holiday memories and winter solstice.

Eucalyptus Fig