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Acorn Candle Company is a sole proprietorship founded in Grass Valley, California in 2010 by Karen de Flores. This business is a family affair. Jim has more than 40 years of business management, organizational development, sales and marketing experience and his focus is business development. Karen is the candle maker. She creates and develops their beautiful end product.

Karen and Jim owned and managed a profitable high tech company in the Bay Area for more than 25 years. Caught in the Great Recession, they closed their business in 2009.

They left the Bay Area and lived two years in a remote lakeside retreat. Every day they walked under the giant oak trees and began to pick up acorns that had fallen on their path. The acorns and oak trees began to symbolize what they were seeking, peace, tranquility, spirituality and new beginnings. With their first Christmas in this new world approaching, unknown to each other, they each selected their prize acorns, placed them in a special jars and presented them to each other as poignant gifts signifying our strength, endurance and love.

Karen has always had a passion for quality candles, particularly natural, vegan candles with essential oils - candles made from sustainable products - a product that was healthy for people and the environment. Karen began creating soy candles, blending essential and premium oils. Creating luxury, natural, handcrafted soy candles is a science and an art. Karen's experience in the sciences, particularly chemistry and microbiology enabled her to perfect the formulation of these soy candles. After more than one year of research and development,  they were ready to test the market, initially in small craft shows in the foothills of Northern California. The candles were an instant success and they quickly formed a strong client following.

The name of the company came very easily. With the acorns, the oak trees, the symbolism and our quest for new beginnings, Acorn Candle Company was born.

Local artisans handcraft the finest quality, all natural soy candles,  made from sustainable products symbolizing new beginnings, strength, courage and endurance. Our Story Generations of people have gone to sit beneath the mighty oak to gain strength and spiritual renewal.  The oak can help one find a new understanding gained from experience -  this in turn can bring strength and courage to face whatever life has to offer.