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How to make your own soy candles

Before I started my own business, I thought that making candles was a very long, tedious process. Then I discovered Soy candles, which are so easy, anyone with the time and energy can do it! Soybean based wax candles are a very soft wax, therefore, it is easy to work with and easy to clean up if there are any spills.

Soy wax can be melted in the microwave, so there is really no need for a double broiler, and you can melt if faster as well. To begin we will need to have these items on hand.

1. Glass measuring cup. (16 oz. to 32 oz.)
2. 1 lb. (16oz. ) of soy wax
3. a wax thermometer
4. 1 oz. of fragrance
5. a glass container
6. Wick and wick tab (or you can glue it with a glue gun).
7. Newspaper (to help make clean up easier).

You can purchase soy wax at any of the online candle supplies places. They can be bought in 1 lb. increments, 10 lb or 50 lb. There are also soy wax candle kits that you can purchase which will have instructions in them.

First, you need to measure out the wax flakes into the glass measuring jar. Usually you will need to have approximately 30 to 31oz. to make 16oz. melted. You put it in the Microwave for 5 minutes.

While the wax is melting, you can attach your wick to the center of the jar. You can either use a wick sticker or a drop of glue from a hot glue gun. Typically you will want a wick that is compliant with soy wax, and jar size. I would recommend an http cotton coreless wick.

Take the melted wax out of the microwave with pot holders, as the glass will be very hot! Put the thermometer in the wax to make sure it has reached a temperature of at least 140 F.

You can then add your dye, which would be approximately 7-8 drops per pound of wax. (You made add more if you are looking for a darker affect).

Now you need to let the wax sit and cool down to about 100 F and add your fragrance, because if it is exposed to high heat for too long, you will lose the potency of the fragrance.

Lastly, you want to make sure the wick is going to stay centered. You can either wrap the wick around a pencil tightly, or use a clothespin. Let your candle cure for 24 hours and you have a wonderful soy candle!

Don't forget to trim your wick to approx. inch. Soy wax burns cooler, so it needs to create the melt pool with a longer wick.

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