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Slow Burning Aromatic Soy Candles As An Alternative To Beeswax Candles

Soy candles replace the usage of beeswax or paraffin with soy wax(a hydrogenated soybean oil). Soy candles were created for the first time in 1992 by Michael Richards, he was searching for a cheaper and better alternative to beeswax.

Scented soy candles are also very appreciated on the market because the combination of some aromatic oil or essence with the wax will produce very high quality candles that burn much more slowly than the paraffin ones, and without releasing the unpleasant burning smell that cheap candles do. Now they can be found in any supermarket, however, for special candle types try decoration shops.

Advantages of soy candles

If we compare soy wax to paraffin several advantages are obvious: soy wax is the missing element between the cheap or unpleasant paraffin candles and the high quality, expensive beeswax alternative. The soy candles are 100% natural and recyclable, this material is preferred by many environmentalists, their strongest motivation is that it is not made from oil, like paraffin, and also have a decent price, much lower than beeswax.

Another plus for soy candles is that they burn 50% longer when compared to paraffin solutions, soy wax is much easier to clean when comparing to other alternatives; with some hot water and soap you can remove any unpleasant spot.

Another big advantage over paraffin candles is that soy wax produces less soot, in fact this is reduced with almost 90%. If you follow the doctor’s advice that soot is very unhealthy, better seriously consider buying soy candles next time. Another issue generated by paraffin soot comes from the fact that health problems inflicted by paraffin candle soot are not covered by insurance agencies. When speaking about scented candles I must point out that soy wax solutions spread scent more rapidly .

Do people really buy soy candles?

To answer this question we should consider some soy candle retailers’ opinions, they say that beeswax, soy and gel candles are selling much better than their cheaper petroleum alternatives, the primary reason is that they are non-toxic, burn more slowly, they don’t produce allergies or breathing problems, and they clean up very easily. Last but not least, they are more child oriented.

Some doctors say that burning paraffin candles is similar to a smaller scale to burning diesel fuel in a room. Even the scented candles used in different aromatherapies can do more harm than good. All this being said I think it is very clear why many people prefer buying quality candles.

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